What Nintendo franchise needs an upgrade?

Who doesn’t love the weekend? When mine comes around I usually like to pull out one of my classic gaming consoles and give them a whirl, much like Blake has been doing lately. This weekend during one such play session I popped in a game, closed the game-flap on my NES, and thought to myself, “Wow! Why hasn’t this game been released again!?”

What was that game you ask? StarTropics!

If you haven’t played StarTropics, you can grab it on the Virtual Console right now! Think of it as Zelda meets Adventure of Lolo meets a yo-yo.

Even though the game was never released in Japan, I think Nintendo had a hit back in 1990 and StarTropics deserves a revival. As many Infendo readers have pointed out in the comments, Nintendo has been too quick to re-release old games as of late; but seeing as how it has almost been two decades since the last Startropics title, I think it’s time for a new one!

Is it likely to happen? Probably not, but only e3 can tell!

What long lost Nintendo franchise do you think is most deserving of a re-boot?

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  1. devor3 says:

    I really think it’s time for Wave Race to come back! Wave Race 64 was very cool to look at and i think it really needs an update! F-zero and Star Fox too! I’m hoping to see these ones at some point in project cafe or 3DS!

  2. Richard says:

    Duck Hunt. Seriously, Nintendo created Wii–the best console in history for target shooting games–and then didn’t release any target shooting games. Okay, we got that Link archery game, but that was about it.

    Miyamoto’s Stunt Race FX needs a revisit. I’d like to see a new F-Zero that’s not quite as punishing as the Gamecube release. And I wouldn’t mind another trip to Luigi’s Mansion.

    And a new Star Fox–A real, genuine, honest-to- goodness, we-really-mean-it-this-time new, on-rails Star Fox Adventure.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “What long lost Nintendo franchise do you think is most deserving of a re-boot?”


  4. deepthought says:

    747 BOOYA!

    love that you called out startropics. i have no idea why, but both games grabbed me. and the first game was just a legendary NES game.

  5. Jagsrock95 says:

    I wish they would make a Yoshi Story game for the 3ds.
    Also earthbound could really use a reboot.

  6. Artefacto says:

    devor3: Wave Race Blue Storm for the GameCube says hello. I thought about it, and I’d like to see an Ice Climbers renewal in some form or another.

  7. buckbuck79 says:

    Duckhunt as an AR game for the 3ds would be cool! Ice hockey for NES was a great 2 player game that im sure could get a reboot. Pro wrestling had some crazy characters. I would love to see a game based on the super mario bros 2 universe, it was different and theres alot you could do with the sub world and reg. world. Snake rattle and roll, balloon fight, kirby’s dream course, uniracers…to name a few.

  8. gdg2004 says:

    Have to go with Rock and Roll Racing! I love that freaking game. Keep the old music, but obviously add new stuff.

  9. CM30 says:

    Not sure. After Other M, perhaps Metroid needs a reboot with the attempt to shove more characters and plot into the series.

    As for more niche sites:

    F-Zero, which needs just any kind of revival period. Dunno why they didn’t continue after F-Zero GX, which wasn’t unsuccessful.

    Star Fox, because while they’re remaking Star Fox 64, what we really need is a new game that’s entirely based around the Arwing piloting/shooting gameplay.

    Duck Hunt would be cool.

    Excitebike would be neat too, since we’ve had Excitebike with trucks, Excitebike with robots, Excitebike retro release, but no mainstream game with traditional bikes and racing.

  10. David says:

    I like that no one feels the need to say Kid Icarus anymore.

  11. Joe says:

    What about bubble bobble and master blaster

  12. Kaiser Soze says:

    – Rock’n’roll racing, hell yeah, although it was made by Blizzard. It could be so freakin awesome with current gen techs. DO IT
    – Also agree 100% on a Super Mario Bros. 2 style game. The gameplay potential is limitless. Try imagening fighting bosses Super Mario Bros 2 style in co-op.
    – Duck Hunt, wasted oportunity on the Wii
    – Duck Tales. Let Warren Spector work his magic.
    – Final Fight in 2,5 D just like Street Fighter 4

  13. gamecollector44 says:

    @Anonymous: I think they meant games that haven’t had a sequel in forever…Zelda doesn’t really count, the original game released was in 2010 (Or 2009, can’t remember :I) and it is VERY far from long-lost…as compared to Earthbound, Duck Tales, and Startropics, which is a very awesome game by the way.

    On Topic: Earthbound, StarFox, and F-Zero. Definitely.

  14. EdEN says:

    Have to agree on Startropics. Part 2 is even better and a remake of those two on 3DS would really prepare us for a new entry.

  15. I like to see a 2011 version RC-Proam (NES) released, and i think the 3DS would be great for some Snake Rattle and Roll (NES) the isometric just begs to be in 3D, it would even be playable…

    Ow and i like to see some UniRacers reboot (SNES) also please…

  16. Josh says:

    Startropics and Earthbound, please. I honestly wish that Nintendo would just buy Sega already and get full control of all of Sega’s languishing franchises as well.

  17. Ac says:

    Original donkey kong please. I’m talking the arcade version. Not country, I don’t like those games and we’ve already got a recent sequel.

    Btw, since you mentioned it, adventures of lolo would be a great candidate as well.

  18. Ac says:

    Continuing my previous comment I think people will say, we already have march of minis. No we need a real donkey kong sequel, not that. The gb version and M vs DK GBA were cool. I’d like to see a 3D version come out.

  19. Ac says:

    Come to think of it a new DK made similarly to burgertime HD would work for me. Especially if on 3DS.

  20. devor3 says:

    Artefacto: Yeah But Wave Race Blue Storm came 10 years ago! And let’s face it, it felt like a rushed launch title. It was so generic and lifeless. I’d like to see a new Wave Race with killer water effects and very much in the same vein as the N64 version (back in the day there nothing like it, even Tomonobu Itagaki declared himself a huge fan of the N64 version that’s why he included jet ski’s in dead or alive xtreme 2). Although I don’t think it’s happening soon. I think franchises like F-zero and Star Fox are most likely to make a return on Project cafe. F-zero it’s all right. I don’t remember a bad iteration of the game. Star Fox on the other hand, has gotten really screwed up. That’s explains the 3DS remake. More than a remake it’s like a reboot and a return to form.

  21. Eugene Allen says:

    I do remember reading an Itagaki interview where he talked about that! Can’t seem to remember what publication however.

  22. Yellow Bear says:

    pikmin (i cant remember if pikmin 3 was confirmed or not?)
    and another sonic DX type game or a sonic adventure 2 battle type game

  23. Mattiac says:

    Startropics, Earthbound (the 3D version for 64DD that was cancelled for some stupid reason) and Punch-Out!!.

  24. Mattiac says:

    @Yellow Bear: Shigeru-san has said several times that they are working on Pikmin 3. I hope for your sake that they will show it at E3 this year. You have Starfox in 3D on 3DS.

  25. gabe says:

    Mole Mania all the way!

  26. devor3 says:

    @Eugene Allen: Seems there’s only a couple of us that’d like to see Wave Race return. I know, i don’t remember the dates but it was before he left Team Ninja. In a recent leaked launc titles it appears Wave Race may come back but it’s called Extreme Sports Cafe (New IP, combines 1080 and Wave Race, as well as other sports)

  27. Diddy says:

    Donkey Kong Jr., or Ice Climber.

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