Retro Redux: NES Quest – Updates + New Vote

Holly Fellmeth On Aug 22nd 2014 with 1 Comments
Retro Redux: NES Quest - Updates + New Vote

119-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II

  • Game: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game
  • Release Date (North America): Dec. 1990
  • Developer: Konami
  • Genre: Beat ‘em up

As you can see, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game is up next on NES Quest. I’ve already acquired an original NES cartridge of the game, so I will start playing it this weekend. But what about my progress on Bionic Commando? I’m about to tell you about that in detail…past the break, that is…also, if you have no desire to read about Bionic Commando (or if you’ve never played it), you may just want to scroll to the end of the post for the latest vote, which gives second placers a second chance…anyway…

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Fantasy Life to feature online co-op, Streetpass features

Justin Riley On Aug 19th 2014 with 3 Comments

With release dates in September (Europe) and October (North America) looming, details regarding LEVEL-5′s highly anticipated RPG/life simulation, Fantasy Life, have surfaced. While a fair bit of information has already been released, LEVEL-5 have now revealed that Fantasy Life will contain very broad online features.

The first of many online features is Link Mode, a communication tool that can be achieved by visiting the Guild Office, located in the town of Castele. Link Mode allows players to connect with friends who are playing Fantasy Life at the same time. Through this connection, players can exchange messages and share advice during gameplay. Link Mode will also feature a notification setting that will share your in-game accomplishments with your friends.

Secondly, Fantasy Life will make use of StreetPass. Players acquired through StreetPass encounters will appear in your game as citizens of Reveria. Befriending these players can lead to you receiving new items.

Perhaps the most exciting online feature of Fantasy Life is the announcement of the online co-op mode. Up to three players can band together, either by local wireless or online, and journey through the vast world together. Co-op mode will include some form of chat feature, allowing players to communicate to each other while tackling quests together. Online co-op will also allow players to trade items through the in-game Exchange Box.

While the life simulation aspect of Fantasy Life may not excite some fans, the RPG element is certainly worth checking out, and, with this addition of online multiplayer, Fantasy Life may turn out to be quite an enjoyable game. Will you discover your Fantasy Life, hidden within the world of Reveria?

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Infendo Radio Episode 321: Gliding Into Action

Holly Fellmeth On Aug 18th 2014 with 1 Comments
Infendo Radio Episode 321: Gliding Into Action

IR Banner 321

Welcome to another episode of Infendo Radio. In episode 321, Harrison Milfeld, Lewis Pugh, Colin Crompton and I talk about recent Nintendo news, including the return of veteran fighter Meta Knight to the Smash Bros. roster, the special promotions in Europe attached to the games, the tragic passing of Robin Williams, and the upcoming Pokemon card game app headed to iPads. In our feature, we answer listener questions on StreetPass and the state of Nintendo’s online environment. Anthony DeVirgilis, who sent us a great question to discuss, has a gaming podcast of his own over on gamegravy.com that is just starting out and is well worth checking out.

As always, send your questions and comments in an e-mail to contact@infendo.com or leave them in a comment below this post. Thanks for your support and enjoy the show!

Click here to listen to the show on your Wii U!

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Retro Redux: NES Quest – DuckTales report card

Holly Fellmeth On Aug 17th 2014 with 4 Comments
Retro Redux: NES Quest - DuckTales report card

DuckTales MoonWaiting for a space duck to get through those spikes is like waiting for King Zora to move aside in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

As I move on to Bionic Commando, I move away from DuckTales. It’s time for my first report card! Being the first, I’m not sure exactly how to describe it…it’s not quite a game review. Rather, it’s a review of my progress on the game after playing for about a week. As a reminder, I played DuckTales using an original NES system and cart. Let’s get started!


  1. The Amazon: Completed on Easy and Normal
  2. Transylvania: Completed on Easy and Normal
  3. African Mines: Completed on Easy and Normal
  4. The Himalayas: Did a lot of exploring, never found the boss
  5. The Moon: Completed on Easy
  6. Lifelines used: 0

General Accomplishments

Unfortunately, I didn’t ever record my total treasure accumulated while playing DuckTales (lesson learned), but rest assured, I spent plenty of time searching. I found a handful of extra lives and, more importantly, health upgrades, and I came to be quite well-acquainted with the levels (except for the Himalayas, apparently). Though I never found the boss in the Himalayas, I did find a character to save from the ice (the name escapes me), which seemed somewhat impressive to me, though I fell to my death on the way back from that location.

Impressions on the Game

Being an action platformer, DuckTales’ appeal lies largely in its control and gameplay. The game holds up surprisingly well in both of those areas. Scrooge McDuck’s trademark pogo jump is remarkably satisfying to use. The game’s presentation also has a timelessness to it, thanks to colorful, well-designed levels, solid sprites of characters/enemies, and a memorable soundtrack. The only “problem” was the slow frame-rate at times, which wasn’t even an issue for me (and I’m sure is common in NES games).


DuckTales is a pretty short, fairly easy game, and I should have spent more time in the Himalayas. But I didn’t use any lifelines, so that helps my final performance grade, which is:


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Pokemon TCG comes to iPad…as predicted

Lewis Pugh On Aug 16th 2014 with 0 Comments
Pokemon TCG comes to iPad...as predicted


Today saw the Pokémon World Championship 2014 begin in Washington, D.C and as contestants made their way inside the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, some found a surprising encounter. Being demoed was a version of the Pokémon Trading Card Game was running on an iPad. Although an official written announcement has been made, reps at the event confirmed this was the real deal and should land on the Apple App Store later this year.

The photo above was taken by  Josh Wittenkeller on Twitter

From information gathered so far, the iPad version will essentially be a touch-friendly version of the same Pokémon Trading Card Game Online available for both PC and Mac and will also be a free download. Currently the only way to obtain digital cards is via codes that come with the physical cards, whether this will be the same on the iPad version or purchase of digital cards via in-app purchase will be available is yet to be seen.

This appears to be another example of The Pokémon Company flexing their online and mobile reach beyond what Nintendo is usually comfortable doing with their other IP. In fact this very move was predicted some time ago by yours truly on this very site.

The next question of course is will we also see the TCG make its way to the Wii U? The combination of touch screen and large TV view would makes allot of sense but perhaps Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have something else in mind?

Let us know what you think of the first ‘Nintendo Game’ on tablets and do you think we can see this also hit the Wii U?



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Retro Redux: NES Quest – New Vote

Holly Fellmeth On Aug 15th 2014 with 3 Comments
Retro Redux: NES Quest - New Vote

P1010501How random selection works on NES Quest.

As I promised earlier this week when Bionic Commando was revealed to be the winner of the last vote on NES Quest, here’s a brand spanking new set of four NES games for you to vote on (again, chosen at random):

  • Recommended by Justin Riley, Gargoyle’s Quest II and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.
  • Recommended by Eric Abrams, Metroid.
  • Recommended by Brad, R.C. Pro-Am.

Leave a comment below voting on one of those four games. Voting will be going a little longer this time around; you have until Tuesday night, August 19. Brief update on other matters: I’ve been playing DuckTales while waiting for a copy of Bionic Commando to come in the mail. It came today, though, so I’ll be finishing up DuckTales and starting up Bionic Commando this weekend. Don’t forget you can follow NES Quest in these ways:

Wii U Facebook Group

Twitter: @HollyFellmeth and @Infendo

My Nintendo Network ID: Aeroweth

#RetroRedux #NESQuest

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