How the heck do you pronounce Ocarina?

We’re all excited to play Zelda: Ocarina of Time in 3D this summer, but depending on which dictionary you ask, it can be pronounced a couple of different ways. We want to know:


If these aren’t how you pronounce it, tell us what you say in comments. Then tune in to the next Infendo Radio to hear Blake and Derek address this heated debate!

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20 Responses to How the heck do you pronounce Ocarina?

  1. bananaoomarang says:

    Oh-ka-rina? I guess…


  2. Joel says:


  3. mrredstuff says:

    Ah-ka-re-nah as well

  4. MrMiyamoto says:

    Ah/Aw- karina is the proper dictionary way to pronounce it, but I’ve been saying Oh-karina for so long that I don’t plan on changing it.

  5. Richard says:

    Geez, I’ve been saying “Okay-rye-NAY” all this time!

    Kidding! Ah-kah-ree-nah for me.

  6. Artefacto says:

    The way it’s pronounced in Spanish, with hard vowel sounds.

  7. Yellow Bear says:

    i have heard tons of people say oh-karina but never heard a aw-karina..

  8. Mohan says:

    Oh, I pronounce it with Oh

  9. Alvârö says:

    In spanish we say: Oh-ka-ree-na with hard vowels as someone already suggested…

  10. King Salamon says:

    Oh Carolina!?

  11. CM30 says:

    The first way. Indeed, until this article/poll, I never knew there were multiple ways to pronounce the word and game title.

  12. ghettoska says:

    Yeah I like ah corina best

  13. Lord Lemmy says:

    I say Ah-carina, which I know is the proper way, but my friends say oh-carina. Well, it could be that one is actually Mexican and has a heavy accent, but as for my other friends (varying in ethnicity) for the most part say oh-carina.

  14. Ac says:

    It depends where your from probably. We have 2 towns in MA that give outsider problems. One is called Billerica. The other is Worcester. How would you guys pronounce those?

  15. Ac says:

    The proper way to say, well at least locally is;


    Btw I say oh-ca-reena

  16. Artefacto says:

    Don’t forget the soft r sound as well.

  17. David says:

    @Ac – You forgot Leominster.

  18. Skylan says:

    I say “Or-car-rin-na”. Because I like extra letters.

  19. _oMeGa_ says:

    Also, sweet jesus the two are nearly even.

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