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Infendo Radio 391 – Forgot to do a Mike Check

Monday’s are always a drag. Just when you finally complete your honey-do list for the weekend and finally get some much deserved R&R, BOOOM! Here that bitch Monday comes to ruin a perfectly good time. Well no more. Introducing: INFENDO

Infendo Radio 390 – Handing Over the Master Key

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! Wait, that was yesterday. Oh God, what have we done. Bowser Jr. YOU SAID MOTHER’S DAY WAS TODAY YOU DOLT! Quickly, go to the store and go buy your mom something nice.¬†Your Mom likes pink flowers

Infendo Radio 388 – Days of Infendo Lives

It’s Monday so it must be podcast time, Infendo Radio is on now! This week we start of the show with a round of Nintentunes, move into the news of the week, and close of the show with what we’ve