Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Ages Confirmed For eShop

imagesZelda fans rejoice!  Eiji Aonuma has announced, via his Wii U account, that Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Zelda: Oracle of Seasons will arrive on the eShop this summer.

Currently, there is not a scheduled date.  However, the Summer release time frame gives plenty of opportunities to play through the original Zelda, and forward, while you wait.

This may be the year of Luigi, but I have a feeling Link (in case anybody misinterpreted my sarcasm earlier :), the other green garbed hero, is going to make his presence known this year too.  What are your thoughts?


12 Responses to Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Ages Confirmed For eShop

  1. Kaherka says:

    That’s awesome! I thought they were coming to 3DS, but coming to Wii U is better for me. I prefer to play on the TV!

  2. Kaherka says:

    Wait… it doesn’t say in the video that it’s coming to the Wii U eShop. It just says they’re coming to the eShop and doesn’t specify which. It probably means the 3DS, since that’s where it came out in Japan. Darn you infendo, you got my hopes up for nothing!

  3. Kaherka says:

    Now you’ve edited it so it doesn’t say Wii U eshop, I see.

  4. King Bowser says:

    How can you write for Infendo and not know that Zelda is the princess?

  5. MikeIsaPoet says:

    ^You missed the joke, congrats.

  6. King Bowser says:

    My apologies. I don’t see anything that would lead me to think a joke was made…

  7. Essel Pratt says:

    Mike Caught my subtle joke! Congrats! I updated the post so others would not be confused.

    King Bowser, I added it because so many people confuse Link/Zelda. I honestly was surprised it was not caught earlier.

    Kaherka, That was my fault. The first source I found stated that it was going to be available on the Wii U eShop, however that was wrong. I forgot to correct it.

  8. Kaherka says:

    Thanks! No problem really, I just got excited. I’d love to play gameboy games on the big screen, but Nintendo probably thinks they’re too low rez.

  9. King Bowser says:

    Don’t people normally emphasize their sarcasm in some way? Like *Zelda* or ZELDA or “Zelda” ?

    I still think it was an honest mistake. But that’s ok. My love for you is unchanged.

  10. Lord Lemmy says:

    I wonder if you could connect two 3DSs , one with each game, for the connected ending.

  11. Cory says:

    You don’t need to connect the games to get the real ending, due to the password system implemented in the games.

    Sadly, I did not realize this when I was a kid, I played through both games but did not understand the password system at the time, I thought you needed to connect two game boys.

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