9 Responses to Youtube Tuesday – “WHAT!?”
This isn’t a Konami endorsed Castlevania game

  1. ResidentialEvil says:

    We’ve already gotten Mega Man 9 and Contra Rebirth (which better come out soon in the US) on WiiWare, so please tell me someone at Konami is working on a Castlevania WiiWare title, preferrably a brand new title and not a “remake” of the original. It only makes perfect sense guys.

  2. SlaughterMelon says:

    Wait… Aja as in “Frontier Aja”? The makers of Touhouvania?

  3. Will says:

    Yes Frontier Aja, I thought I wrote that.

  4. Mohan says:

    That looks like it’s a load of fun to play. Come to Wiiware!

  5. SlaughterMelon says:

    WAit…. This IS Touhouvania (didn’t actually get to watch it). I…I want. Badly. *addicted to touhou*

  6. Poochy says:

    Um…there’s a new Castlevania title almost every other year. And what do you mean by traditional, hardcore Castlevania title?

  7. Reynard says:

    Yes, please enlighten us as to what IS a traditional hardcore Castlevania title? Ecclesia wasn’t hardcore? Portrait of Ruin and the PSP remake of Rondo of Blood weren’t traditional enough?

    I don’t get what makes this fan-game look so great, poorly implemented flying and shooter mechanics right down to generic bullet sprays from the boss, that generic sound-effect-cd thwack when you hit /anything/ and sprite designs that just look silly.

  8. Durr says:

    Traditional Castlevania.

    Uh. RPG System Removed. Whip Only.

    Remakes don’t count.

  9. Greg in PA says:

    i much prefer the “metroidvania” to traditional castlevania any day, and iga keeps getting better with the recent ecclesia being one of the best vanias ever

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