Worst Nintendo box art ever?

I haven’t hopped on the Nintendo hate wagon that’s been going on around here yet, so here’s my entry: worst Nintendo box art ever.

Come on Nintendo! You’d think that a cutey line Kirby deserves to have his happy mug splashed on the cover of his new title Mass Attack! I also have never heard of this developer called TEMP.

Seriously, though, I love Kirby and this game looks rad – anyone else excited to play it? Click past the break to check out some choice screenies.





16 Responses to Worst Nintendo box art ever?

  1. Nin3DS says:

    This game does look pretty cool. I especially like how King Dedede looks, as well as that hot air balloon that looks like his face. Very Bowser like.

  2. Ben says:

    That’s obviously NOT the FINAL box art.

  3. Soma says:

    Infendo trolling? what do you know.

  4. nin says:

    i’m pretty sure temp isn’t a developer, it’s indicating this is a temporary box art……lol

  5. baelnic says:

    It looks really cool but it’s not going to be worth $29.99. Just like March of The Mini’s I’ll wait until it’s around 10-15 bucks. I hate to say it but I can’t escape the downward price pressure I feel when I consider games now. There are XBLA games that I buy for $15 that are longer and more deep than some DS games priced at full tilt lately. I will pay for quality, but I don’t want to be gouged anymore.

  6. loser says:

    Are you stupid? Obviously TEMP stands for Temporary. Even I knew that and I’m 15. Please, don’t make silly articles like these. You’re giving Infendo more bad rep.

  7. blert13 says:

    To all the “Are you stupid? Obviously TEMP stands for Temporary.” people, I think the joke may be on you now, or perhaps its on me.

  8. Blake (not that Blake) says:

    Wow, can’t believe the posters above really thought David was being serious about the box art.

  9. nin says:

    rofl, guess i took that a bit seriously. sometimes i go without thinking, in hindsight it seems kinda obvious (then again so does everything)

  10. Steve says:

    I thought he was just joking. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t serious…

  11. cowmanodoom says:

    Yeah, this is kind of sad… lol

  12. loser says:

    Infendo should change their name to IGNdo.

  13. mlove99 says:

    well I found it amusing 🙂

    quite sad really that a few people couldn’t see the joke :s

  14. Cory says:

    Infendo is getting worse and worse it seems; and I don’t mean the articles, I mean the community response sometimes.

  15. Sam says:

    i thought the post was amusing and the idiots who cant understand sarcasm to be even more so

  16. nintenluv says:

    LMFAO!!! Hilarious post David!

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