Wii U eShop More Indie Friendly Than Wii

Martin Pichlmair, developer of Chasing Aurora, has told the Official Nintendo Magazine that he believes the Wii U will be a great platform for Indie Games.

“I can not talk about the new eShop in detail,” said Pichlmair. “What I do know is that Nintendo is doing everything to make this console much more open, social and indie-friendly than the Wii ever was.”

Pichlmair stakes his claim on the line up up Wii U launch games.

“There are people at Nintendo who know where innovative games come from. And if you look at the launch lineup you can clearly see that those people have had a say in it. At the same time, the Wii U with its various controller configurations calls for experimental games of all kinds and Nintendo is always eager to have games make good use of its console’s innovations.”

If the eShop does support a robust variety of indie games, I will be on cloud nine!  I love indie games because they do not always follow a set formula.  Many have unconventional or unexpected game play, and there are many hidden gems amongst the titles.

Are there any Indie games out there that you would like to see get the Wii U treatment?  How would the game pad improve on the title?

2 Responses to Wii U eShop More Indie Friendly Than Wii

  1. Kaiser Soze says:

    I want Double Fine’s games. Anything Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer touches, turns into gold. The new Double Fine Adventure and The Cave would suit the WiiU library.

  2. Hitokiri_Ace says:

    I sure hope so! 🙂 Seems like time isn’t going terribly slow, yet another month down the tubes. lol

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