Wii Remotes in Pink and Blue for Valentines Day


Are you tired of the same old ebony and ivory Wii remotes? Do you want to have a different color controllers for everyone who might be playing a game with you? Well your about to have your wish as Nintendo is releasing some Valentines day colors for the holiday. Starting Feb. 14, Nintendo’s Wii Remote controllers will come in both Pink and Blue.

The new colors come bundled with a Wii MotionPlus as well, so there is no need to go out and look for some if you don’t already have some. The bundle price for the controllers is said to be at $49.99. Anyone looking to pick up a set or two?

9 Responses to Wii Remotes in Pink and Blue for Valentines Day

  1. [obscene screen name] says:

    They look like a gift you’d give at a baby shower because of the colors.

  2. Legend says:

    one for my mom and one for my sister 😛

  3. Zachs Kappler says:

    blue for me, but my sister hates pink, she wants either red or pink. Red would look better honestly…

  4. cpl1701 says:

    They need to make a new integrated Wii Remote with motion plus built in like the new Nyko Wand +

  5. David says:

    Blue for me, pink for my girlfriend 😉

  6. EdEN says:

    WM+ integrated probably won’t be available this gen. It’s a given for the next Nintendo console, but right now why bother?

  7. shungun says:

    No one knows how to write an advertisement like Will.

    So, Nintendo is up to the same old exploitative marketing tactics; deny the customers of color options, and then bless them with it 3 years later when sales begin to lag? Ingenious.

  8. Doughboy74 says:

    Is it just me or do the look stupid with a white m+ at the bottom? A long time ago I changed the look of my motes with decals from decalgirl.com Quite a deal/bargain.

  9. frstOne says:

    I kind of like the blue one.

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