Wii-ified Resident Evil 4 is almost perfect

Jack On July 5, 2007 05.07.2007 with 13 Comments

Resident Wii-vilSometimes tacking on Wiimote controls to a game from 2005 just works. Especially if that game happens to be one of the greatest games of the past decade.From Game|Life (Wired’s) 9/10 Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition review:

Caught off-guard with the success of the Wii and looking for a quick fix, several publishers have tacked motion controls on to their existing games. It hasn’t turned out well. The difference with Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition is twofold: the game they started with is a masterpiece, and the Wiimote controls are implemented perfectly.

At $30, if you’ve never played the GameCube original it’s almost a sin to not pick this one up. And I know who you all are, so I’ve sent some zombie cats (courtesy of Erik) to take you out.

13 Responses to “Wii-ified Resident Evil 4 is almost perfect”

  1. MIS says:

    Niggles aside (button press for dash on analogue? Come on Capcom!!) works for me too thanks!!

    Best of all, never played any other RE4 before!

    Good things DO come to those who wait!

  2. InvisibleMan says:

    I do have the GC version AND bought the Wii version regardless… The Wii version plays a lot better!! I’m looking forward to actually finishing it this time around…

    One of my favorite thing on this new version, aside from the new controller scheme, is the fact that it is rendered in true widescreen format!

  3. HylianTom says:

    Until the Wii Edition, I’ve never played this game.. and now I’m thankful that I waited. This game will absolutely own my summer until Metroid comes out. A masterpiece..

  4. Areziaal says:

    I never played this game on GC either, although I was given the 3 game box set for Christmas (too many other games I’m in the middle of playing first). I recently picked up the Wii version, and haven’t popped in any other game since. If this game can look and play so damn well, I wonder why other developers can’t do even better?

  5. Atlantis1982 says:

    :Gets attacked by zombie cats: AGGGGGGGGGGH!!! They’re cute and DEAD, agggggh!

    Yeah yeah, never played it and still haven’t picked it up. If I rent, I would rather save up the money and just buy it.

  6. BlockSS says:

    I purchased RE4 Wii Edition like 3 days after it came out , this game is awsome and never played it before.

    I like the extras included in the game, like, the preview of Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles..

    This is the true collector edition.

  7. Wii-Wii says:

    How much does one get for RE4 ( gamecube) USED?…

    I could switch if the used price took a chunck off the Wii’s already low price..hummm..

  8. Wii-Wii says:

    So I will type this again, as last time it did not work.

    How much, do you guys think, we could get for RE4 (GC) USED ?
    If it was a half decent amount of cash, I don’t see why not trading it in and picking up the already cheap Wii version with its added control and Ps2 levels minus the trade in value. A cheap game just got cheaper that way…

    I might just do that if RE4 (Cube) will get me any amount of Money in a trade in.

  9. rokerovakero says:

    I have the game for Gamecube and it was one of the coolest games ever. I bought again yesterday for the Wii and it feels like a different game thanks to the new targeting system. Just go get it. a two year old game than works better than most FPS on consoles released this year.

  10. Doughboy74 says:

    I also have the GC version, bought the Wii Edition. (The worst part about this game is if you need to run/swim during a cutscene, the only control is swinging the controller in a way that hurts your wrists.) Other than that, it would have been nice to include button mapping controls in the options where you can play it with the ‘gun’ attachment.

  11. I’m still a little unsold by the control scheme. I think it’s a little hard to pick up and play. It has taken me a little time to get used to.
    But I’m glad I never got my GC Resi Evil 4 back from a friend when I loand it to him. I now had a good reason to by the Wii version.

  12. Quix says:

    I had this game on GameCube but gave up halfway through because the controls were a pain in the butt. I hate shooting with a joystick.

    Picked up RE4 Wii Edition and have to say it’s an amazing transformation. I can finally play this game! And enjoy it!

    But what’s up with still having to use the joystick to aim the rifle/scope? LAME.

  13. redjarman says:

    Quix, would you rather push your wiimote towards the screen to zoom like in Red Steel? Mine gets all out of whack every time I sit somewhere else in the room, let alone get closer to the screen.

    I have the PS2 version, and I really enjoyed it. But as soon as I tried the Wii version, I threw the PS2 one out the window. (almost literally, I had to stop myself) I’m now on my 4th playthrough and I’m still not bored.

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