Wii Classic Controller Has Funky Slots

Staff On June 21, 2006 21.06.2006 with 22 Comments

One of virtual console videos we posted yesterday showcased the two weird slots featured on the back of the classic controller. *Eyes watch in horror!*

What could this be used for?

[Thanks, Jose]

22 Responses to “Wii Classic Controller Has Funky Slots”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Microphone attachment?

  2. David says:

    Whatever it is, there’s a button type thing for ejecting/releasing it.

    Maybe it’s a place for the wireless Remote to hang?

  3. other says:

    flash memory to store the games on.

  4. Giever says:

    They look pointless to me, like they have no business being there. But that’s just me.

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    Very simple!!
    It’s the air condition!!

  7. bae says:

    Hmm N64 attachment methinks…

  8. Clu says:

    I think probably there will be a clip to connect the wiimote to it. I think I read that somewhere, around the time of E3.

  9. AeroZeppelin says:

    SD card slot maybe

  10. Anonymous says:

    Probably for a clamp that will hold the Wiimote while you play. Otherwise, it’s going to dangle on the floor or your lap.

  11. MacUser says:

    thats where you stick quarters to pay for the games, duh.

  12. Jake says:

    I think it’s just a part of the controller to hold the thing together.

    Or, they could be a lazer-mechanism built to rid the earth of Xbox 360s and PS3s.

    Or, the controller makes Ice Cream and that’s where it comes out!

    Or, a SD card slot.

    Or, an air freshener.

    Or, a money dispenser.

  13. Bitor says:

    Look! It prints money!

    I’m going with clamp to hold some kind of attachment.

  14. FAMICOM83 says:

    Oh man I love that white Wii and that blue glow, I want it NOW!

  15. Anonymous says:

    some type of memory card slots.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Its early hardware, it will probably been cleaned up for release.

  17. Rowan says:

    At E3 it definitely was said to have a place to attach the WiiMote so as loads of people have said, its that.

    When are they going to sort out the Z button?

  18. WinsuckeR says:

    This is just an illusion. ;)

  19. David says:

    Hey, you were Kotaku’d!

  20. sling blade says:

    those slots are just to attach the Wii-mote to the back of the classic controller dorks..

  21. dvd says:

    sling blade is right

    it’s a clip for the wiimote, it was first anounced as a shell controller.

    that way you get the rumble feature and maybe for new games you can pint tilt and use the normal controller.

    i would prefer for them to use virtuale controller with just the wiimote and nunchuk.

  22. Charbax says:

    Again you just shamelessly steal one of my videos at http://e3cast.com

    Anyways I am happy lots of people watch my videos from E3.

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