What if Retro Games… had Modern Music?

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  1. Jamie says:

    That would be so sweet, I’d go buy that for sure, music is a big game seller for me, even if I’m not too interested in music/rhythm games. I find a game far better if it has decent music to back it up, one of the reasons I think zelda’s so great is because of how the music evolves, it keeps the same sound track but updates it for each game, keeps the nostalgia there but still throws new bones once in a while.

  2. schmuck says:

    I think although midis do lack quality, they have a certain nostalgia to them that still makes them better than modern music, when put to the classic games. Now for modern games I’m all for the new music, but 8-bit music was awesome back in the day, and it still is now.

  3. RoyalRook says:

    It’s a great idea, I say why not. Just as long as the developer give the players the option to toggle between the new and old tracks.

  4. Abysmal says:

    I agree entirely with what schmuck said.

  5. Juja says:

    Man, Curse of Darkness had such an amazing soundtrack.

  6. Will says:

    @ Juja,

    I don’t want to admit this as a hardcore Castlevania fan, but I never played Curse of Darkness.

  7. cmdg says:

    O god no. It just doesn’t sound right. Those graphics speak to me with bleeps and bloops.

  8. Juja says:

    Oh man, you’re missing out, Will. It has one of the best soundtracks in the series (and that’s saying a lot with the Castlevania games). Aside from the soundtrack, it’s just a really good game. I really don’t get people’s gripes about 3D Castlevania games.

    Anyway, here are a few songs I’d recommend from the soundtrack:

    Abandoned Castle/Curse of Darkness (the songs that plays in the video)
    Belmont – The Legend
    Cordova Town
    Also, the music in Dracula’s castle.

  9. Will says:

    The deal was I heard Curse of Darkness was worse than Lament of Innocence, but I loved Lament. So I always planned to pick it up but I never got around to doing it. I could probably go pick it up cheap now.

  10. droop4 says:

    agree with cmdg

  11. Juja says:

    I actually think Curse of Darkness is better than Lament of Innocence, though I still love Lament of Innocence. Reviewers are just penisbutts about stuff. Anyway, I guess Curse of Darkness has more RPG elements to it with leveling up and forging weapons and stuff, but trust me, it’s a kick ass game. Plus, Trevor Belmont is a badass in it.

  12. XCWarrior says:

    HAHA, that is pretty awesome. I would go for a WiiWare game like this!

  13. DeathChronx says:

    This sorta works! I mean, I would actually like the try and play the game with the new sounds. ^__-

  14. agree, agree and agree… that would be a tremendous mod

  15. lores says:

    Go play YS I&II (PC Engine with CD Soundtrack), that’s how a Retro Game with a real sound track sounded like in… the 90ies. It’s amazing.
    (Tune in at 6:50)

    I don’t know if the Virtual Console downloadable features the same sound – but after seeing this i don’t think so:

  16. Lance says:

    I like Curse of Darkness, however, the soundtrack, as good as it is, got annoying. Not by the musics fault, but the fact that the levels were so large and devoid of things to do the music started to wear on you. I did like Cordova Town’s theme though. I need to go back and finish that game. I’m about half way done with it.

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