What are you playing this weekend?

Do tell.

38 Responses to What are you playing this weekend?

  1. .!!. says:

    Paper Mario on VC. Replaying it. Again.

  2. Fuzz says:

    Metroid Other M, and maybe some Sky Crawlers.

  3. rdaneel72 says:

    Same thing I always play, MH3. Killed my first Rathalos last night. I am crawling through that game, very well aware that Capcom will shut down the servers long before I can get to those high-level quests.

  4. Mohan says:

    Metroid Other M, and DragonQuest IX!

  5. Verius says:

    Some Metroid Other M and Muramasa.

  6. yellow bear says:

    i dont know probably go up and pick up other M

  7. tony says:

    heave rain, mario galaxy 2 and dragon quest IX

  8. Al says:

    I’ll be playing history essay.

  9. Bbelt says:

    I too will be playing MH3.
    @ rdaneel72: Look me up if you want to quest together. I’m at lvl18 online and I too just killed my first Rathalos recently. Player name, bbelt

  10. nintywinty says:

    Some Redsteel 2 and No more heroes 2, time to cut people up in sequal style!

  11. Richard says:

    Rockband 2 and Mariokart Wii

  12. Kale says:

    Despite a serious shelving moment the other night, I’m hoping to convince myself to finish Metroid: Other M…

  13. GerudoKing says:

    Probably other M and some MH3 if i have time around homework. Look for me out there: HR 103, username: Jhan. I get bored of it fast, though…monsters get boring to fight after killing over 60 of each :/

  14. Mark says:

    Pokemon Platinum, Dragon Quest IX, and hopefully Birth by Sleep if I can get to chance to drive over to the mall and pick it up. Been excited to play it for a long time now. =)

    Also thinking about playing a bit of Metroid Prime Trilogy. Watching those Other M cutscenes left a bad taste in my mouth. =/

  15. sam says:

    metroid other m. it’s a much better game than infendo said it was. much better.

  16. baelnic says:

    Other M. I might play the Alice in Wonderland DS game now that my wife finished it and loved it.

  17. metalman04 says:

    playing some pikmin 2 on my wii its an import dont understand nothing but its still pretty fun

  18. I thought you’d never ask. I am trying to get 100% of items in Metroid: Other M, and I got Metroid fever so I’m playing Hunters on my DS. I never beat it before (got distracted by multiplayer and other games). I have one Octolith and the final boss left to beat. I agree that Metroid: Other M was much better than Infendo said. It’s better than Super Mario Galaxy 2 in my opinion.

  19. lordtoker says:

    MH3 and almost done with the 5 star level quests…it’s hard to capture a lagiacrus when the gobul won’t leave us to dance!

  20. _oMeGa_ says:

    I finally got around to buying Seasons 1 and 2 of Sam & Max on the Wii, and, assuming I beat them both during this weekend, I’ll probably buy Season 3 on the PS3.

  21. K.Soze says:

    lotro and prepping for real life phoenix wright…. OBJECTION!!!

  22. Marcus says:

    Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.

    Can’t wait to crack that open on Sunday. =)

  23. Skylan says:

    Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale, Blood Bowl, Monster Hunter Tri.

  24. electricfuture says:

    Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions for the PS3, and maybe some RE4 for the Wii

  25. Metal_Link says:

    I’m playing through Metroid …Prime 2: Echoes.

    The Trilogy version, too. I really intend on finishing the game this time.

  26. Pinnelot says:

    Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition
    It´s been fun playing it with my girlfriend last night.

  27. Greg in PA says:

    so far its been spider man shattered dimensions but i also expect to get back to metroid: other m, not a lot of gaming this weekend should pickup soon tho with halo reach out next week

  28. Fred says:

    Super Mario Galaxy 2. It never gets old.

  29. gamecollector44 says:

    Maple Story, maybe some MGS3: Subsistence, and when I pick it up, Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.

  30. Juja says:

    I’m gonna be playing some Gradius: Other G (Metroid: Other M) until I beat it and get 100% completion.

    I guess I seem to be in the minority, but I’m really liking the game a lot. I told my friend it’s like Metroid Gaiden Solid, which is Metroid+Ninja Gaiden+Metal Gear Solid, and I like all of those games. I actually haven’t found there to be too many cut-scenes/cinematics so far; it’s definitely nowhere near MGS levels. There were a lot in the beginning, but other than that, there are mostly shorter action scenes. I’m also liking the story so far. Admittedly, Samus’ inner monologues aren’t the game’s strong point since it’s all about her emotions, but when you’re actually playing the game, Samus seems like such a badass. Again, I know I’m in the minority and the game probably won’t sell so well, but I’m very happy with it.

    After beating Other M, I’ll probably go back to Dragon Quest IX. I actually passed the 250 hour mark the other day (and got an accolade for it), but I still can’t get enough.

  31. zackary says:

    majora’s mask

  32. David says:

    Hiking in the woods. Maybe some Puzzle Agent on my iPad.

  33. havent been playing much of anything lately been too busy with work and whatnot.

  34. llaffer says:

    Already completed Other M with 85%, that’s good enough for me.

    I still play DQIX daily (esp Fridays to get and complete the DLC quests), but usually do a grotto or two each day. Not really into the grind anymore.

    I’ve started playing through Super Metroid after finishing Other M. I just got the Ice Beam.

    And I’ll be playing Layton 3 when it comes out tomorrow.

  35. durpaderp says:


  36. muggy8 says:

    Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

  37. Noveli says:

    Finished borderlands with my brother-in-law on Friday. Played some Innocent Aces and Prime 2 over the weekend as well. I’ve had a real Jones for some Endless Ocean 2 as well. We’ll see if I get to that.

  38. Sariyeh says:

    MH3 – still hasn’t left the Wii since May.

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