Want to make a FLUDD or a Propeller Helmet?

Brian Brinegar, one of the men behind the legendary gaming marathon, Mario Marathon, has put up a easy instructable on how to build a few gaming props. Not just any props, but Mario power ups.

Brian contacted me about a week ago to share some info on the cosplay ready FLUDD, and the awesome Propeller Helmet. Saying that “They loved the costumes, so we thought we’d do something a little special.”

For anyone who doesn’t know about Mario Marathon or the people who run it. It’s a nonstop, endurance run of playing Mario Games. Playing both night and day, nonstop, for as long as it takes to beat all the main games in the series.

Last year they raised about $29,000 dollars for Child’s Play charity. They have high hopes that they are going to top it.

Do you have any fond memories of Mario Marathon?

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  1. onoo! says:

    how have you make fludd???

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