Ten things you might not know about Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros.

Most Infendo faithful probably already knew these fun facts about Super Mario Bros., but just in case…

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  1. Ptolemy says:

    Ha, I’ve got one for one of the commenters on the linked article.

    They’re TURTLES not DUCKS! They have SHELLS for Pete’s sake!

  2. bbelt says:

    I never knew there was a different minus world in the Japanese version. It looks like we got ripped off in the states. The Japanese one has actual playable levels, 3 of them. And once you finish all 3, it takes you back to the title screen. If Wikipedia is to be believed.

  3. Used Cisco says:

    I’ve gotten into the minus world on a US version of SMB. It’s not 3 levels. It’s one. Its a water level and you can’t get out. I have no idea about a Japanese version.

    My question about Mario is this, and maybe some can help me?

    Why/when did Marios outfit change from the red/orange and brown of SMB to the Red and Blue with White gloves we have today?

    As I child I played SMB and he was red and brown, but all the cartoons, even at that time I think had him in red and blue with white gloves.

  4. bbelt says:

    The U.S. version of SMB 2 had Mario in blue overalls with a red shirt. The box art had the colors reversed and put white gloves on him. That is the earliest reference I could find to the cartoonish Mario you mentioned.

  5. Used Cisco says:

    Interesting, thanks for that !

  6. muggy8 says:

    Love these facts!!! form now on, Friday the 13th is my lucky day!!!

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