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My goodness, ANOTHER special edition 3DS on the way, Yoshi style

Another reason for those who haven’t already jumped on the Nintendo 3DS bandwagon to do so has been revealed here in North America in the form of a Yoshi-themed Nintendo 3DS XL system. Launching alongside Yoshi’s New Island on March

Wii U Hack Reveals New Yoshi Game?

Whether by “hacking” or just “dumb Luck”, NeoGaf user Trike has found evidence of a new Yoshi game hidden in the Mii Verse.  Essentially, he accidentally hit the wrong button at the right time. “I found out I could access

A Writer Appears! Michael Enters the Fray!

Then again, couldn’t we all just be friends? Y’know, like Kirby and Ribbon over there? Or you could just give me chocolates, and we’ll call it a day. Mmm…chocolates. Er, let’s start over. Michael Fletcher’s my name, and by the