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Would New Games for Old Systems Really Be That Bad?

Recently, Dan posted an article about a new Super Nintendo game in development.  As I read the article I felt a chill of excitement run down my spine and started thinking, would this really be a bad idea if it

Is Your Wii/Kinect/PlayStation®Move Really Helping You stay Fit?

I have to admit, I bought my Wii for two reasons.  The first being for me and my kids to play the games and enjoy our time together.  The second was to experience the interactive gaming experience and possibly lose

Nintentunes: the kind of not really Nintendo edition

I used to be a fanboy, but there are too many games to enjoy that my perspective has since changed. Nintendo will always be my favorite video game company because of their ability to bring a product to market that

How does Wii U compare to the rumored Xbox?

While not exactly Nintendo news, IGN today has revealed that the next Xbox (how bout we DON’T call it the 720, shall we?) will be based on the AMD 6000 series of GPU architecture which was introduced last year. While

Microsoft at e3, how did they fare?

The Microsoft conference has come and gone and you know what? Their presser seemed very….Nintendo. The majority of titles at the Microsoft presser seemed to be geared toward the market Nintendo has worked so hard to capture the last couple

Xbox backpedals on HD requirement, further validates Wii relevance

When the Xbox 360 launched four years ago, developers were required to make high-definition games. Not any more, says Split/Second developer David Jefferies, in a guest column for Develop Magazine. “Now we are free to make the trade-off between resolution