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Review – Jam City Rollergirls is an impressive WiiWare accomplishment

The first thing that struck me about Frozen Codebase’s new WiiWare title, Jam City Rollergirls, is that they crammed a lot into the restrictive file size of the Wii Shop Channel. For a game that combines Mario Kart [racing and

Still don’t believe Apple is giving Nintendo a run for it’s money? Read this.

Although they admit the “average iPhone/iPad gamer is more interested in pleasantly passing time than being intellectually engaged or challenged,” indie darlings and World of Goo creators 2D Boy view App Store games as the future of video games. At

Interview with Lead Programmer of new WiiWare title Jam City Rollergirls

We get a lot of information from publishers about new games, but the press release from Frozen Codebase about their new WiiWare title Jam City Rollergirls caught my eye. The company is based out of Green Bay, Wisconsin, which is

WiiWare Review: In Jellycar 2, Disney serves up simple graphics and deep gameplay

I smile anytime Disney and Nintendo do business together, mainly because I’d still love to see a Mario themed land at a Disney park someday. Today’s reality is a lot more basic, but it’s nice to see Disney finally contribute

Review: Sneezies infects Wiiware

Despite its annoying title, Sneezies attracted me with two elements I like in a Wiiware game: It’s five bucks and only requires pointing and clicking the Wiimote—Perfect for quick gameplay direct from the home screen. Based solely on the Nintendo

chick chick BOOM – WiiWare review

Some very angry birds have appeared on the Wii, but they’re not the iVariety many of us have sent flying into a porcine stronghold.  Originally appearing as a flash game in 2007, chick chick BOOM was released for WiiWare in