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A Tale of Two RPGs: A Brief Analysis of the Mario RPG Franchise

Before we begin, please note that all reviews are subjective and indicative of individual preference. While I have attempted to collect an un-biased aggregate scoring for each game mentioned in this article, nothing is absolute when discussing review scores. Everyone

Get some! Sega and Gearbox unveil new gameplay footage of Aliens: Colonial Marines

Sega may be experiencing some financial troubles, but that hasn’t stopped them and developer Gearbox from putting the finishing touches on the often-delayed Aliens: Colonial Marines. The German-dubbed footage showcases the usual bits that we’ve seen in previous trailers: Space

What if Nintendo Rebranded Themselves as…Nintendo?

Nintendo has always been one of the best systems around, that is a given.  It has stood the test of time and weathered the passing of  great systems such as Sega, Neo Geo, Turbo Graphix 16, Atari, and Watara Supervision.