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Video games are unstoppable

Now, you could make fun of the new partnership between Nintendo and sports retailer Sports Authority, but by doing so you’d be completely missing the point. Best just keep that ignorance quiet for now.

Random Saturday – Are you down with Wii Fit?

This is random Saturday where we present you with a random picture and your goal is to give it a funny caption or title. So would you kindly give this picture a caption? Find out what last weeks title was

Real testosterone out muscles poseurs as Wii Fit approaches #2 game of the decade

Halo, GTA and other kill them before they kill you fare may boast an aggressive, testosterone-laden affair, but in reality the experience is skin deep. Real men and women play Wii Fit, it seems, and the sales confirm that in

Wii Fit Plus – E3 2009 Trailer

Coming Fall 2009. Bundled with the Wii Balance Board, or sold as seperate software.

E3: Your Shape camera counts calories, sees you faking those pushups

Looking for the new trend in video game technology? Look at cameras.  Nintendo’s latest hand held revision, the DSi, has a camera.  Microsoft hopes to change the industry with it’s 3D motion tracking “Natal” camera for the Xbox 360 –

jOG – pedometer dependent gaming is here!

So, do you love running in place? Great, have I got the product for you! Presenting  jOG for the Nintendo Wii.  This little device goes somewhere between the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, and makes sure that the player character only