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Nintendo news round-up: Wii console and game price drops, Humble Bundle, Wii Play: Motion and more

– Within the past week, major retailers such as Amazon, Target, GameStop, and Wal-Mart quietly dropped the price of the latest Wii bundle (which includes Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, a MotionPlus remote, and Nunchuk) from $199.99 to $169.99. If

New Get Game? Only on the Shop Channel, apparently

Looks like there aren’t any new physical media games coming out so close to Christmas, but over on the downloadable side of things it’s a different story. Frobot is now available for WiiWare and there’s even a free demo. It’s

Unless you love party games, Wii Party probably isn’t worth $50

Wii Party is a fun game. There are a lot of game modes–more than Mario Party. Great music. And upwards of 15-20 motion controlled mini games you’ll want to replay often. But it’s hard to recommend at the full price

Are you even remotely interested in Wii Party?

Sorta feels like Wii Play with a $50 price tag. Am I wrong?

Could Wii Party be the New Mario Party?

IGN recently put up an article detailing some information regarding Wii Party. A game that was announced at an investor meeting by Satoru Iwata. “Nintendo has not launched a marquee party game since Mario Party 8, launched in summer 2007,”