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Wii Music: Toy, Instrument, or Musical Tool?

“We have this firm belief that the more you chew, the more flavor you get.” Nintendo Representative JC Rodrigo told me at Nintendo’s Fall Media event in early October, “There’s a lot of different levels and depth to a game.

New Game Get – Nintendo releases for the week ending October 25th

This week’s new release list is a little overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time. Out of nearly fifty games coming out this week, there might be three worth anyone’s interest.  Possible winners on the DS list are Away: Shuffle

Poll – Wii Music

Nintendo’s new music software comes out next week, so let us know: {democracy:64}

Wii Music features 14 licensed songs

Wii Music is supposed to have about 50 songs on the disc when you buy it. Now since there is only 14 licensed tracks you can guess that the other 36 songs are going to either be public domain songs,

Guitar Hero World Tour Wii screens

Activision last week released 12 new screenshots for the Wii version of Guitar Hero World Tour, including the Wii Music knock-off mode that’s sure to obviate the purchase of Miyamoto’s latest (perhaps only) failed idea. Why buy Wii Music when

Reggie: We made Wii Music look too simple

Like Othello, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime wants you to know that Wii Music is simple to learn, but will take a lifetime to master. “What’s powerful in Wii Music is this juxtaposition of something that looks so simple