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Japan: WiiFit outsells PS3 in six months

Before you jump on my back, know that this post is speaking more to the power of WiiFit than it is demeaning the PS3. Believe me, the system doesn’t need my help in that department. As you can see from

Rumor: Wii Fit sells 650,000 on first day

This info comes directly from the statistic geniuses at VGchartz. Their reports clock Nintendo’s new Wii Fit software selling 650,000 units on day one in the United States. Selling for $89.99, Nintendo brought in over 60 million dollars to go

Wii Fit average review score is 80%

How do you even begin to review a device like Wii Fit?  Jack will hopefully answer that question for us soon, but until then we’ll have to look at Metacritic and GameRankings.  They give us an average ranking of 80%

Wii Fit – The path to fitness begins with a single step

Well, in case David’s New Game Get for this week was somehow missed by your prying eyes, Nintendo wants you to know that this week is Wii Fit week (and maybe Star Soldier R, I’m not sure yet). I’ll be

Game Changer: Wii Fit sells 90 units per minute in U.K.

This really shouldn’t surprise anyone, but the Wii Fit is selling 90 units per minute in the UK store Woolworth’s. “This is a revolution in computer gaming. For a game not targeted at gamers to sell in numbers like this

Nintendo Media Summit 2008 show floor

Incase you forgot (I did) the annual, Nintendo Media Summit ran all day yesterday and today showing off select first, and third party titles to release for Q2-Q3. No megatons this year besides an “official” press release for, Mario Super