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Today and Tomorrow Channel launches for Free in Europe

Wii owners across the pond can look forward to a new channel September 9th  as the “Today and Tomorrow Channel” launches. According to Nintendo UK, Today and Tomorrow Channel will let you check daily fortunes, fetch relationship advice, and recommend

Update: Wii Internet Channel now free

The free, then un-free Wii Internet Channel is now free again, reports GameIndustry.biz. Those of you who didn’t download in time and were forced to pay the 500 Wii Point to get this oft-unused Wii Channel will have the option

How do you feel about “Wii no Ma?”

Yesterday Nintendo opened up a new page for it’s forthcoming Wii Video Service Channel “Wii no Ma.” The channel, which will be released in Japan on May 1st, allows you to populate a room with up to eight Mii’s to

Wii Channel Issues – Zooming Slowly

Mym6 of the Infendo Forums is currently experiencing a little problem with his Nintendo Wii and the way Channels Zoom in. I’m curious if anyone else has noticed this.  Some channels will zoom in very slowly.  My Mario Kart and

Internet Channel to use tabs, Wii Speak

Nintendo and Opera have chiseled out an updated Internet Channel. According to GoNintendo, the new browser will utilize tabbed browsing and Wii Speak compatibility. Users will be able to track up to six tabs with the “tab cube,” a floating

Homebrew Wii DVD Viewer contains sneaky bug

Those of you that grew excited by today’s homebrew Wii DVD breakthrough might have felt that this was too good to be true. True. Before you pop in Alf: Season 2 there’s a few bugs that you might want to