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Planned: Wii U Virtual Console Will Allow Play On GamePad

  It seems that Nintendo is working on a virtual console that will allow games for the virtual console to be played on the GamePad instead of the T.V.  It is sort of a virtual console inception. “We are moving

Rumor: Game Boy Advance titles to finally make their way to 3DS eShop?

Ever since the 3DS Game Boy Virtual Console service was first unveiled, owners of Nintendo’s latest handheld have been clamoring at the thought of Game Boy Advance titles being available for purchase. For now, early adopters of the 3DS Ambassador program have only had the

PSA: Classic SNES Controllers Now Available for Wii

Old School gamers will be happy to learn that a classic SNES controller for the Wii is now available at ThinkGeek. As someone who has lamented that Club Nintendo Japan appeared to be the only way to pick one of

A great week for Virtual Consoles

3DS gets Kirby’s Dream Land and Wii gets Final Fantasy III (known as FF VI in Japan). Classic digital downloads rule the roost this week. I have to admit, the 3DS Virtual Console has surprised me. It was the one

eShop details emerge, Super Mario Land and Alleyway rated for ESRB

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) are rather notorious for leaking titles before they were ment to be revealed, and thanks to them we now have a good idea of what to expect for next week’s eShop launch. The ESRB

What eShop titles do you want most?

June has a lot of things going for it. e3 starts next month, 3DS gets it’s first “must have” title, and the eShop finally launches for Nintendo’s newest handheld. Not to bad! I always love revising old classics so the most exciting