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Wii U Sales Increase 875% In UK after Xbox One Reveal

I don’t normally post two articles so close together, however when I saw this news I was intrigued and thought it would make for a great weekend discussion. It seems that since the Xbox One reveal, Wii U sales in

David Yarnton to Leave Nintendo UK

He may not be as well known as Reggie or Miyamoto,but for the past 20 years David Yarnton has been an integral part of Nintendo’s UK branch.  From 1995 to 2003, Yarnton served as Director of Sales.  In 2003 he

Did Blockbuster Leak Wii U Launch Titles in the UK?

The Blockbuster UK Outlets seem to have listed a series of Wii U launch titles in their Point of  Sale systems.  There are 25 titles in all.  If this is a legitimate list, what are your thoughts?  Could this list

Nintendo Zone Launches in Europe

  If you live in Europe, and own a Nintendo 3DS, then today is your lucky day!  You can now take advantage of the Nintendo Zone!  The Nintendo Zone will allow 3DS owners to access exclusive product information, game trailers,

I guess the UK didn’t hear that 3D is just a gimmick

Looks like they fine folks across the pond are excited for the 3DS! Any of our UK readers pre-order one?

Nintendo, Wii own Britain

A staggering one in three households in the U.K. own a Wii, Nintendo revealed today, while a further one in six Britons own that plucky little portable, the DS. The impressive numbers were compiled by stat tracker GfK Chart-Track. Given