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Miiverse adds Facebook and Twitter sharing

The Miiverse is about to get connected with four major social media networks for extended sharing. Today, Nintendo announced that the browser version of Miiverse will now allow for Facebook, Twitter, Goggle+, and Tumblr sharing for posts. The new functionality

Final Nintendo Power Cover Revealed

Future Publishing has just revealed the final cover of Nintendo Power, which borrows itself from the first issue of the magazine when it launched in 1988. For anyone who who grew up reading Nintendo Power, the final cover is sure

Nintendo of Europe Confirms: Mii Verse Will Not Connect to Facebook or Twtter

It seems that Facebook, Twiiter, Pinterest, and Tumblr are controlling the internet these days.  When I want to research a new company, product, or even a person, the first question I ask is, “Do they have a Facebook?”  This is