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Jay Fitzloff on Wii U: We are blazing the trail with what we are going to do.

Darksiders was a game that admittedly borrowed a lot from the Zelda franchise, and according to Vigil Games producer Jay Fitzloff, when the games sequel ships for Wii U, the game will take advantage of the unique controls of the

Move over Mario Paint… We got uDraw now!!

THQ has announced something pretty cool today, and I’m not talking about their promise not to release anymore mediocre titles.  I’m talking about uDraw Studio. This game comes with a drawling tablet, and that’s almost if not as cool as

THQ’s de Blob sells more than 700K worldwide

If the sticky, color-spewing de Blob were to splatter paint upon the THQ offices, he would color them green. A pale, cash-like shade, that is. CEO Brian Farrell said Tuesday his company’s colorful Wii platformer has sold more than 700,000

THQ says to expect more de Blob following strong sales on Wii

One of the games I was most pleased to see under the tree this past Christmas was de Blob. It’s a great game all-around, it’s third party, and apparently it did very well–even better than Nintendo’s Wario Land: Touch Shake

Deadly Creatures gets delayed til 2009

According to IGN’s Matt Casamassina apparently THQ’s new and exciting Wii game Deadly Creatures is going to be delayed til sometime in February 2009. This marks the second delay for the game, originally set for an October 31 ship date

Thornton, Hopper to voice Deadly Creatures

THQ has proposed an interesting new games development theory; quality is equal parts gameplay, graphics and Billy Bob Thornton. The publisher released today a new trailer on IGN for Deadly Creatures revealing actors Billy Bob Thornton and Dennis Hopper as