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Contest: T-shirt giveaways from Infendo!

1/11/11 UPDATE: Of all the eligible entries, two winners have been randomly chosen! Drumroll, please… The winner of the shirt from Crazy Dog T-Shirts is Stan of Ayer, MA! and… The winner of the shirt from Nacho Mama Tees is

Steamboat Mario

Oh, Mario. Epic Mickey looks like it will be pretty good, but it won’t be that good. You don’t have to dress up like someone you’re not. Don’t feel threatened. Everything will be fine. Feel content knowing a third party’s

Limited-edition Metroid shirt available today

With the release of the controversial Other M, Nintendo has given Metroid fans a closer and more intimate look into the eyes of their alien-hunting heroine than ever before. Well, the closest look they’ve had for another 20 minutes, anyway.

Me too


Super Mario Sushi

Probably not available at PAX, although I wouldn’t be surprised. [Teefury – 8 hours left as of this posting]

Oh hells yeah

Contra Spread Shot t-shirt wins at life. This power-up (remember when they called ’em power ups!?) is still the best in gaming history.