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It’s on! Super Mario All-Stars coming Dec. 12 to Wii

Freaking thing includes the four original SNES remakes—which are awesome— a soundtrack CD, and an illustrated commemorative booklet, just like Japan. Following is the official press release: Starting Dec. 12, the Super Mario All-Stars™ Limited Edition will be available for

What do you think about Mario Galaxy 2?

So the game has been out approximately 5 Days now, and have received universal praise from various gaming websites. Some even claim it to be better than “the best game ever made“. However, none of that really matters, it’s what

Super Mario Sisters nearly happened

While sifting through some filings at the United States Patent and Trademark Office as I am wont to do on a Saturday night, I stumbled upon a trademark filing made by Nintendo for “Super Mario Sisters.” After holding the trademark for

One of these Characters is not like the Other…

At least not yet in my opinion. [Via Amazon]

Youtube Tuesday – Gaming Historian

The History of Super Mario Bros. 2

Do you guys consider Super Mario Bros. 2 a real Mario game? Or do you consider it something else altogether?

Video game reviewers give NSMBW their highest Nintendo rating: 8.0

Video game journalists and reviewers were unabashedly blown away by New Super Mario Bros. Wii this week, and rewarded the recently released Nintendo title with their highest honor for Nintendo titles: The coveted “8.0 (decent)” The reviews were legion for