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Get your 8-bit Mario in Pushmo form right here!

I’m rather engrossed in the puzzle creation tool in Pushmo right now. This week I have another character puzzle for you. It’s the plumber we all know and love in all his 8-bit glory: Mario! I placed a three-star difficulty

Super Mario Brothers begins eShop’s NES lineup

Metal Gear’s free demo download wasn’t the only reason to check out eShop this week: Super Mario Brothers became the first of the ambassador NES games to become available for purchase to all North American 3DS owners who bought their

Super fandom: Minecrafters recreate Super Mario Land with 18 million blocks

Speechless at the seemingly hundreds of hours this probably took to build. (Thanks, Milo)

In case you missed it, Super Mario Land 2 stands the test of time

A lot of “classic” games haven’t aged well. Sure, some have nostalgia, but they also rely on outdated gameplay. Super Mario Land 2 isn’t one of the games. On the contrary, it’s downright delightful, on par with what you would

Super Mario on 3DS, dissecting the details

So we have all seen the screenshots and the teaser logo for the very first 3DS Mario title, but in typical Nintendo style they kept all of the juicy info about the game to themselves. Well, only one thing to

Yeah, that controls real well, buddy

Still pretty cool, though. (Thanks, Josh)