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Miyamoto: Galaxy was “conservative,” Twilight Princess was “missing something”

Super Mario Galaxy played it safe, and Twilight Princess was missing what makes Zelda games special. Or so says their creator. In an interview yesterday with MTV Multiplayer, Nintendo development guru Shigeru Miyamoto addressed the most common criticisms of his

Mario Marathon is Over and Was a Big Success!

Mario Marathon, the epic gaming weekend of fund raising proportions is now over. In the end they raised over 11,142.50$ for Penny Arcade’s charity Child’s Play. The group of gamers Brian, John, and Dan completed Super Mario Bros, Super Mario

How well do you know your Super Mario Bros. villains?

Bowser and Birdo? Goombas? Easy peezy lemon squeezy. How about the ones that don’t get recycled as pop culture references in blog post after blog post? Do you think you can tell them apart from obscure dinosaurs? Well ok, Mr.

Super Mario Galaxy Review

Super Mario Galaxy, the title we’ve been waiting on for what seems like a lifetime has finally reached our greedy, little gamer hands. And boy was it worth it. Galaxy holds quality that both brings us back to why games are fun, and sets the

Super Mario Galaxy takes #1 spot – Game Rankings

No, you’re not seeing things. As of 12.00 a.m. this morning, Super Mario Galaxy surpassed The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time for the number one position on gamerankings.com. This is like…big. Ocarina of Time has pwned the charts for

Follow these three simple steps and Mario Galaxy will look like an early Xbox 360 game

This post goes out to my boy Ben Fritz from Variety. He caught flack on Monday for panning Super Mario Galaxy in his review saying the game “looks old fashioned and lifeless” when compared to PS3 graphics. Aside from dismissing