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Mario Galaxy’s Rosalina enters the fray in Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8

Nintendo shared some new information for Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS and Mario Kart 8 during this morning’s Nintendo Direct. Princess Rosalina, who was first introduced in Super Mario Galaxy in 2007, will now be a playable character in both of

Nintendo announces new line of ‘select’ titles

While this may be old news to some,  Nintendo has just confirmed a new round of titles to be given the budget treatment and become a part of the Nintendo Selects line of games. Starting August 28th, Super Paper Mario,

NASA discovers Super Mario Galaxy planet*

Infendo’s David has quite the find today! Apparently, up there in the night sky there’s a tiny planet, complete with tree and satellite dish, that could very well be a real-life Super Mario Galaxy planet! Luigi’s been dispatched to investigate,

Tatanga invades Super Mario Galaxy 2

Tatanga (A.K.A. Tatanga the Mysterious Spaceman) is an alien invader who once conquered Sarasaland. Although he is acknowledged as an invader, in appearance he looks like a meek purple alien. During the events of Super Mario Land, Tatanga captured Princess

Super Mario Galaxy 2 – E3 2009 Trailer

Great to see Yoshi back, but not so great to hear midi music return.

YouTube Tuesday: When Queen Meets Mario Galaxy

This is a surprisingly good mix, I would have never thought to combine Queen and Super Mario Galaxy. This makes me wonder what other songs could mix well with other various Nintendo games and characters? Anyone got any ideas?