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Infendo Review – Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Banjo & Kazooie. ToeJam & Earl. Mario and… Rabbids!? No, this isn’t a parallel universe, and NO, you aren’t having the world’s tamest fever dream. Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is very much a real game exclusively for the Nintendo

Nintendo denies rumors of new mobile strategy

Rumors have been circulating through the media that Nintendo plans to unveil a mobile gaming business strategy this Thursday during an investors briefing. The report, which came from Dr. Serkan Toto of The Nikkei,¬†claims¬†that Nintendo plans to “use smartphones to

Forget Apple getting into games; should Nintendo get into smart phones?

Game Informer editor Andy McNamara argues that a convergent portable device, both for games and phone crap, is inevitable. In a printed column titled The future is ringing, will someone please pick up, he writes, “I can’t wait to play