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New round of footage for Kingdom Hearts 3D arrives!

Kingdom Hearts. The game series needs no introduction. To many gamers, it was their first true RPG. While Nintendo fans have been mostly left out of the Kingdom Hearts fun, Square-Enix is in the process of changing that fact with

Here you go, have a trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3D

Call me crazy, but I love me some JRPGs. If given the choice, I prefer to play them from the comfort of my own bed on my handheld of choice. That’s why Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is so

Want to learn how to play Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy?

Despite being a spin-off of a franchise that hasn’t been good for years (yeah, I went there), I can’t help but be excited about the Final Fantasy rhythm title Theatrhythm. Square-Enix has released a new trailer for the title to

Bravely Default Flying Fairy looks to be one of the best looking games this side of the 3DS

Bravely Default Flying Fairy has is of the strangest names to ever dawn a video game in a long time. With a name like that, it’s a good thing the game looks so beautiful. Don’t believe me? Square-Enix has released

Here you go, have a new Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance video!

I have absolutely no idea what Sora and Co. are saying in this trailer, but I can just imagine would it would be like in 3D! In all seriousness, it is about time a proper Kingdom Hearts title is arrives

Who has two thumbs and is excited for Bravely Default: Flying Fairy?

This guy! _              \`\              |= |             /-  ;.---.       _ __.'     (____)        `         (_____)        _'  ._ .' (____)         `        (___)     --`'------'` Anyone else looking forward to the game with a strange name?