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Shaun White Snowboarding: World Stage Announced

Shaun White Snowboarding for the Wii had good visuals, awesome use of the Wii Remote’s motion sensing capabilities, and the best implemented Wii Balance Board support seen yet on the console.  If you liked it, get ready for more: Ubisoft

Review: Shaun White Snowboarding welcomes Balance Board riders

As promised, here is my review of Shaun White Snowboarding for Crispy Gamer. A game that’ll make you proud to own a Wii Balance Board… Despite its limited content, Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip excels where the other versions fail

Impressions: Shaun White Snowboarding has skills

Been playing Shaun White on Wii this morning, and I’m happy to report that the Balance Board controls are satisfying. Fun game. It seems that turning and breaking, which are both done with rear-side feet, get mixed up everynow and

Shaun White Snowboarding to use Wii Balance Board

The curious-sounding Kombo has the scoop: During Ubidays 2008, Ubisoft revealed that its upcoming snowboarder, Shaun White Snowboarding, will be coming to Nintendo Wii. More exciting, the publisher revealed that the game will support Nintendo’s Wii Balance Board. Although members