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Rumor: Nintendo executives meet with top content providers to provide video content for Wii U

To say that Nintendo has been slow to get up to speed in the online space is an understatement. Just look at their history. Nintendo’s first move actually came on the Super Famicom with the Satellaview, a satellite modem add-on

Rumor: Wii U name could be scrapped in favor of something, anything, better

Just imagine what must be happening at Nintendo headquarters right about now. After thwarting Miyamoto’s lastest attempt to escape his cell and fighting to turn a profit even among the recent sales success of 3DS, Nintendo is once again facing

How does Wii U compare to the rumored Xbox?

While not exactly Nintendo news, IGN today has revealed that the next Xbox (how bout we DON’T call it the 720, shall we?) will be based on the AMD 6000 series of GPU architecture which was introduced last year. While

Famitsu to have the scoop on 3DS dual analog add-on, new games

  Andriasang has what they believe to be the inside scoop on what Famitsu has to reveal this week about the 3DS, and boy is it a doozy. It seems as if the 3DS will get it’s own version of

Nintendo pre-TGS event to be streamed live

The Nintendo nation is once again abuzz with rumors of a 3DS redesign before the handheld even has its first birthday. Nintendo is fixing to talk about.…something September 13. Don’t worry about missing out on any info either, Nintendo is

Overheard at e3: GTA inbound for Cafe.

All the buzz this morning is about a Grand Theft Auto title being released for Project Cafe at the Nintendo press conference this morning. GTA V Cafe anyone? Stay tuned to Infendo to find out!