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New Big Budget RPG For Wii U?

After a hectic ending to the work week, I took full advantage of the three day weekend.  I had hopes of finishing TWEWY for the iOS (I strongly recommend it, especially if you have not played the original.  Also, I

Dragon Quest X revealed as an online RPG – what do you think?

Looks like Dragon Quest X is going to be an online RPG, possibly needing a monthly fee. We had a lot of fans of the DS masterpiece Dragon Quest IX around here when that came out, but now I’m curious

Chrono Trigger. Virtual Console. Monday. YES!

Monday, May 16th, a big wish comes true for many game fans: Chrono Trigger, the original time-bending, actions-have-consequences, multiple-endings, medieval, futuristic, Tolkienesque, steampunk, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink Super Nintendo RPG classic arrives on Wii via the Virtual Console service. Eight bucks for one

Review: Black & White represent Pokemon at its best

You’ve crossed the desert to find the Vegas-like city of Nimbasa in turmoil as the Pokemon-rights thugs wreak havoc. They’re hiding in the amusement park. You really should take action right now, but…You have a chance to feature your Pokemon

If you need further proof that the Spike Video Game Awards are lame …

… just check out their nominees for RPG of the year. Way to completely ignore the DS, the premiere RPG platform. Dragon Quest IX immediately comes to mind, as does Etrian Odyssey 3. Let’s all try to name as many

Classic Commercials – Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga

Very neat little commercial campaign.