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New Game Get – Beatles Rock Band, Muramasa, and Contra Rebirth!

This week’s big release is The Beatles: Rock Band, but you have to admit that Muramasa looks pretty awesome, too. Guitar Hero is switching their downloadable content exclusively to GH5 and it looks like they’re trying to counteract Beatlesmania with

Poll – Guitar Hero 5 vs Beatles Rock Band

Well, it’s time for another round of rhythm game show down.  This week we want to know: {democracy:94}

Pirates and music? New Game Get!

My mind is exploding this week .. only one game for Wii, but it’s Guitar Hero 5! And then there’s the second chapter for Tales of Monkey Island, not to mention that some folks will be excited to check out

New Game Get gets too many games!

This is actually a pretty amazing week for a Summer release date.  Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box is awesome. Metroid Prime Trilogy is guaranteed awesome. Super Empire Strikes Back is virtually awesome.  And Cursed Mountain at the very least

New Game Get is downloading now!

This week is all about the downloads. After watching some video footage of this new Nintendo title, I plan to check out PictureBook Gamesâ„¢: Pop-Up Pursuit. It looks like it might fill the Mario Party hole we’ve had for a

New Game Get hits the gridiron and heads to Tatooine

It’s that time of year again for a new Madden game. Nintendo has a new game out called Fossil Fighters, too. A lot more Rock Band back catalog songs are released while Guitar Hero World Tour has a bunch of