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Wii Music: Toy, Instrument, or Musical Tool?

“We have this firm belief that the more you chew, the more flavor you get.” Nintendo Representative JC Rodrigo told me at Nintendo’s Fall Media event in early October, “There’s a lot of different levels and depth to a game.

DLC and online play confirmed for Rock Band 2 Wii

USA Today posted a small article recently that confirms full online features for the Wii version of Rock Band 2. While unannounced, MTV Games has confirmed that the upcoming Nintendo Wii version of “Rock Band 2” will offer the same

Review: Groupies will love Guitar Hero Aerosmith

Everyone else? Not so much. You see, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith was not intended for rhythm game fans. Maybe not even music fans. It was made for die-hard Aerosmith fans.

Popular Mechanics thinks highly of Ultimate Band

From the article entitled Top 10 New Games at E3: For us, Ultimate Band was a best-in-show among the E3’s Rock Band wannabes. That’s a backhanded compliment, but for its intended 8 to 12 demographic, this game is brilliant. It

Rhythm Heaven DS!?

Rhythm Tengoku Heaven is a simple and infectious rhythm game that anyone can play. If you can tap your finger in time to music, you’ll get the hang of Rhythm Heaven in no time! Players hold their Nintendo DS system

SEGA announces DLC for Samba de Amigo

SEGA announced today via an E3 press release that Samba de Amigo “will be one of the first titles to offer exclusive downloadable Wii content.” Songs will be released in packs of three on a regular basis. The first pack