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3DS, one week later. My review.

It’s been one week since the 3DS was released to the masses. For 7 days now I have raided faces and turned my table into a shooting gallery, much to the curiosity of my cats. How do I feel about

Review – Jam City Rollergirls is an impressive WiiWare accomplishment

The first thing that struck me about Frozen Codebase’s new WiiWare title, Jam City Rollergirls, is that they crammed a lot into the restrictive file size of the Wii Shop Channel. For a game that combines Mario Kart [racing and

Critics doubting Mickey’s epic-ness, confusing fun with effort and charm?

Since game review scores are already inflated, these numbers can’t bode well for a game dubbed Epic. What’s more, a lot of reviewers are seemingly scoring the game higher than they might have otherwise given all the effort Disney put

Early reviews for GoldenEye Wii remake are encouraging, love the multiplayer

Varying consensus opinion seemingly keep it from achieving the quality of the original. But it’s obvious GoldenEye 007 is anything but a cash-in. Out today, the $50 game is definitely worth consideration, especially from die-hard Bond, shooter, and multiplayer fans.

Good game alert: Disney Guilty Party

Recently featured on the new and improved Infendo Radio, the fam and I have been playing Disney Guilty Party, which is basically Mario Party + Clue, the board game. Throw in high quality production values, and the $40 party game

In case you missed it: Batman on Wii is good

“A classic 2D brawler that’s easy to pick up and enjoy, and it doesn’t take itself seriously, with plenty of self-parody to go around. The adventure is over too soon, but don’t let that stop you from suiting up.”