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Review: Mario Tennis Open serves up fast, addictive court action

Mario Tennis Open is a truly fun, hard-to-put-down game full of the charm and excellence you’d expect from Nintendo and Camelot. Its pick-up-and-play nature and smooth, fast online modes make it a perfect anywhere-anytime title. There’s a rhythm to single

Review: Ketzal’s Corridors might be the most thrilling puzzler you’ve ever played

The 3DS eShop keeps serving up amazing Nintendo originals, and Ketzal’s Corridors is a gem. Pushmo now has serious competition for best original puzzle game on 3DS, though the only things the two have in common are quality and charm.

Review: Why Xenoblade Chronicles deserves a trip into GameStop

There’s no doubt, playing Xenoblade Chronicles is like having a second job. I put over 90 hours into the game and still could have gotten more out of it. If you’re worried about not getting your money’s worth for the

Review: Colors! 3D is absolutely brilliant

Rock solid, friendly and intelligently designed, Colors! 3D arrived on eShop today, coupling a wonderful art studio with a fun online gallery for sharing your creations with the world. From its clear, helpful tutorial to the smart use of the

Kid Icarus: Uprising review: Is it bad if the boxart is my favorite part of the game?

Kid Icarus: Uprising has had many Infendo contributors, myself included, wondering if the game was going to have some serious problems when it finally released. Since then, it has, and let’s just it has never been more fantastic to be

Review: Fun! Fun! Minigolf Touch! Isn’t! Isn’t!

I love Minigolf, and I love my 3DS, so I had some cautious hope that Shin’en’s Fun! Fun! Minigolf Touch! might be a decent way to spend $4.99. Unfortunately, this game breaks the months-long streak of outstanding original 3DS eShop