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PSA: Classic SNES Controllers Now Available for Wii

Old School gamers will be happy to learn that a classic SNES controller for the Wii is now available at ThinkGeek. As someone who has lamented that Club Nintendo Japan appeared to be the only way to pick one of

Would New Games for Old Systems Really Be That Bad?

Recently, Dan posted an article about a new Super Nintendo game in development.  As I read the article I felt a chill of excitement run down my spine and started thinking, would this really be a bad idea if it

New Super Nintendo Game in Developement.

  You may think this is a post from 1995.  This is 2012 and yes there is group of die hard programmers who are developing a new game for a system that was discontinued before Y2K. The company is Super

What do you miss most about old Nintendo consoles?

I’m talking pre-Wii era. My pick would be two face buttons. What about you. Let’s hear it readers: What do you miss most about retro Nintendo consoles?

Take a trip down memory lane with retro Nintendo memorabilia

Mmm, memorabilia. More at Wired

EA still struggles on Nintendo consoles

Case in point: Tiger Woods will not be coming to Wii this year. This isn’t the first time EA has discontinued support for Nintendo. In fact, EA has largely had an unproductive relationship with Nintendo since the 16-bit wars, opting