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Rant: “Filmmakers”

The only way you will ever hear me say that a “movie mode” in Metroid Other M is a “good idea” is if Team Ninja has also installed an option that allows me to play the game without any cutscenes

Where is Donkey Kong?

Where have you been, DK?! We last saw you in Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again! for DSiWare. Really? A DSiWare title? It’s a neat little game, but why didn’t they tell you that you’re “over qualified” for that position?

The era of HD Gaming is a myth. Or, why there is definitely no Wii HD coming soon

HD gaming, at least as it has been applied to this current generation of consoles by feverish marketing departments who overshot their markets by a mile, is a myth. Always has been. As such, there is almost certainly no Wii

Rant – Wii Balance Board support…wha?

Just a quick thought that I ignited earlier today…Where the snap are the Wii Balance Board titles?! Let me rephrase that…Where the snap are the GOOD Wii Balance Board titles? As we approach the feet-laden peripheral’s one year anniversary (May)