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How much would you pay for Mario Kart DLC?

There are only a couple dozen tracks in Mario Kart 7 for 3DS, so I got to thinking about DLC downloadable tracks for the game. I think I’d be willing to pay around $5 for each new “cup” of four

Ever Damage Your DS Touch Screen?

There are a lot games released on the Nintendo DS that heavily use the touch screen as the only means of control. Most likely a majority of you have atleast played on of these games. So I have a question

Infendo Review: Spyborgs.
That’s a Ninja not a Spy! Also, a Robot?

The awesome people over at Capcom recently sent me a copy of Spyborgs. An exclusive developed especially for the Nintendo Wii. As a lot of you probably already know, Spyborgs was originally planned as an interactive cartoon mixed with all

Punch-Out!! floors critics, cracks Wii top ten

Forget the split decision. Little Mac has knocked out the critics. With an average review score of 8.9 out of 10 on Metacritic, Punch-Out!! has nudged the newly released Boom Blox Bash Party and cult classic Zack & Wiki: Quest

Video game industry needs to grow up and act like a responsible adult

It’s about time the video game industry grew up and acted like a responsible adult.  I’m not talking about mature games.  It needs to be more like its older siblings, movies and music, when it comes to fulfilling the basic

Does the hard-core gamer still matter?

Out of the top 20 selling games of 2008, less than half of them fit the profile of what type of game this MSNBC article considers appealing to the hard-core or serious gamer.  So I think the question shouldn’t be