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Wii U price and release date announced

The Wii U price and release date have finally been announced, and the console will arrive on November 18, 2012, and be available in two different SKUs. The deluxe version (shown above) will be priced at $349.99 and include the console, a

Nintendo Not Concerned With Being First to Market With Next Gen Console

Satoru Iwata has stated that Being first to the market with the Wii U is not that important.  Sure the advantage of launching before the other two players does put them ahead of the game, but what is more important

Will Consumers Benefit From Nintendo’s 3DS Pricing Mistakes?

I think it is safe to say that everyone reading this is pumped about the Wii U.  The games appear to be fun and we get to see the return of some classic characters as well as a few new. 

Nintendo Not Revealing Wii U Price at E3

Nintendo has confirmed that they although they will be showing off the final hardware configuration of the Wii U at E3, they will not be revealing the price.  Some analysts believe that the Wii U cannot sell for more than

3DS will live or die by its store demos

How much is too much for the 3DS? $300? How about $250? Would the cost of one game make a difference? The cost of a night at the movies? If it launches here at $300, 3DS will cost the same

What the hell is up with that Nintendo 3DS price tag?

When I’m wrong, I admit it, and I’m eating crow today after seeing the Japanese launch price for the 3DS. Nearly $300, after conversion from yen to U.S. dollar? Cripes! Now, the West rarely pays a 1:1 equivalent when it