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Preview: Lost in Shadow a “hidden Wii gem”

In a preview published today, game blog Kotaku had nothing but nice things to say about Hudson’s upcoming puzzle-platformer, coming this fall to Wii: Its inventive, light-based puzzles and artsy look should make it a critical success, and if its

Infendo previews the beautiful, constantly surprising Sin & Punishment: Star Successor

At the 2010 Nintendo Media Summit, there was nothing on display – not even the behind-closed-doors demonstration of Metroid: Other M – that looked quite as good as Sin & Punishment: Star Successor. Every other game I sampled due to curiosity or

Infendo hands-on: Metroid Other M, a mix of Prime and Ninja Gaiden in contextual 3D

Space. Wreckage. An storm of asteroids or possibly energy particles, destroying the remainder. And in the midst of the chaos and nothingness, a familiar-looking yellow-haired child encased in a sphere of energy, rendered in beautiful CG. Cut. “Why am I

PhotoDojo (Formerly Photo Fighter X) and the Nintendo DSi XL: A Face-On Preview

Slowly making my way through the throng of video game reporters exiting the 2010 Nintendo Media Summit‘s newsworthy opening presentation, I climbed the stairs to the third floor of the W Hotel in San Francisco, where Nintendo’s coveted hands-on gameplay

Wired hands-on with Super Mario Galaxy 2

Wired got the grubby mitts on Mario Galaxy 2 yesterday. Here’s what they had to say: Galaxy 2 exists because the development team just didn’t stop coming up with ideas, thinking up enough new levels and concepts to justify a

These Squeeballs need a good Home

These little fellows have had a harsh life at the Squeeballs testing island. Many of you must be like ‘What is a Squeeball?” Well a Squeeball is an animal that is apparently sold in stores as toys. Yet before they