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Rumor: Leaked Gen VI Pokedex

As many of you anxiously await the release of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, there has been little news about the contents of the Gen VI Pokedex.  Until now… Above is the supposed roster for Gen VI, as revealed by

Dreamworks, Previews and a Pokedex upgrade highlight this week’s downloads

No huge downloadable games this week, unless you’re a big fan of Minesweeper, Side Pocket, or House. For non-game applications and 3D videos, however, there are three noteworthy new arrivals: Dreamworks Animation recently signed a deal with Nintendo to bring

Nintendo confirms free Pokedex 3D and Excitebike 3D for eShop launch

Nintendo just announced what many 3DS owners have been hoping for: Monday’s eShop launch will include two freebies: Pokedex 3D and Excitebike 3D. Check below for Eugene’s summary of Pokedex 3D: This sounds like it could be a lot of

The great Infendo Pokémon friend code giveaway!

Have you been finding yourself attempting to catch ’em all these last couple of days? Yeah, me too. I can’t stop in fact. As far as I am concerned, the only problem I have with the game so far is

AAA Pokedex is an Awesome Reference on the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

For those of you Pokemaniacs out there who are constantly searching for a good reference on evolution, stats, moves, breeding, and more, I highly recommend AAA Pokedex for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It’ll run you a couple of