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Nintentunes: The anti-Nintendo edition

Video game music has come a long way from the bleeps and bloops that populated most game at the inception of the medium, and seems only right to take a look back at not only game that have appeared on

‘Dusty Wii’ meme gets the final nail in coffin it so richly deserves

According to Nielsen, which released a similar study earlier this year, the Wii comes in third behind the venerable PlayStation 2 and the Xbox 360 in terms of console usage. Oddly enough, but no surprise given its current struggle, the

Three NIS Games to Come to the DS!

Nippon Ichi Software a.k.a. NIS in America is throwing all it’s weight on the Nintendo DS this coming Fall. Nippon Ichi is known mostly for the Makai Senki series and the revival of tactical RPGs. (I mean I consider them

Nintendo Power endorses PlayStation 2

From the 7.5 review of Okami on Wii (May 2008 issue): The controls just didn’t make the jump to Wii as well as they should have… Okami is a work of genius, but you should play the original [PS2] game