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Wii U Hack Allows Users To Play Games Via USB

Wiikey, a group responsible for building Wii hacking devices, has reportedly discovered a way to hack the Wii U, allowing it to play content via the USB port.  Of Course this is not a new idea, as their name implies

Think twice before clicking that magnet link button, how piracy may kill Wii

It seems like just yesterday when I was passing around copied floppy disks to all my friends at recess of Maniac Mansion. Even back then developers were plagued by rampant piracy that they attempted to curb, and I would get

Judge Philip Gutierrez, you got it going on!

If homebrew is your thing, you better listen up. A recent case involving a college student that is being charged with illegally modding Xbox 360’s is heading to a jury trial where he could spend up to 3 years in

Miles Edgeworth not Released due to Piracy!?
This only affects certain european countries, but what if it happened here too!

According to Brizamila, the distributor for Capcom games in Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg, they have announced that they will not be releasing Miles Edgeworth in those three countries. That is due to the amount of piracy that happens there, and

DS pirate sentenced to 12 months in prison

Pirates beware! A UK man was sentenced to 12 months of jail time for importing and planning to resell 26,500 R4 DS cartridges. While it is safe to say most pirates use a few less R4 cartridges than the aforementioned offender,